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I have allergies and I am taking antihistamines and decongestants to treat them but nothings seems to work. I also rinse my nose with baking soda, peroxide, and salt every 2-4 hours but nothing helps. Without the anithitamie things are 10 times worse but they never completely go away with treatment. I've had a CT scan and it shows sinusitis in the maxillary area but that's it, drainage seems to be fine. My allergies are very bad I have flare-ups with very little allergen but I can't stop the problem. My eyes get bloodshot red and then the dripping starts and the smell from my nose begins. I had antibiotics about 4-5 times this year so far and it never helps me at all. I know it's allergy related PND but I don't understnad why the treatment that seems to work for everyone else does not work for me.

I take two antihistamines daily Zyrtec and Claritin. The decongestant that I take is Clarinex-D.

Any thoughts?