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Posted by Stephanee on July 26, 2000 at 15:23:53:

My Friend is bulemic and she knows she is. I have talked to her many times about it. She just gets defensive and says she likes being bulemic. She is 19 and has been bulemic since she was in the eight grade. Her parents have sent her to camps to get help, but she said she just told them what they wanted to hear. This really scares me for her. I resently moved out because of reasons i don't even know. She said i wasn't a friend to her. Could these actions be caused by her illness? I have been there for her in every way but i think i might have crossed the line with her. I feel i pushed her too hard. I haven't talked to her in about 2 weeks since i moved out. She said she couldn't live with me anymore. This broke my heart. I love her to death. I threatend to tell her mother if she didn't stop. This just pissed her off even more. I tryed to talk to her about how she feels and she would keep going back to this one incident when her mom and dad told her they would pay her 2 dollars for every pound she lost. This amazed me. I think deep down she wants help but is terrified. This all started with her parents in the EIGHT GRADE. It makes me so angry that they did this to her. Now she can't get out. At times when she would get into her mood i would talk to her for hours about this. She would just cry and tell me she hates herself. She said she was so happy when she was young and fat. She said she doesn't even know what she wants to look like anymore. I am scared because i was the only one that really knew when she would puke and when she was in her moods. In a way i think i was a threat to her by watching her every move. It forced us to not be friends anymore. This is killing me and her. I love her so much but she doesn't realize it. Please help me i think i am driving myself crazy thinking about what i did wrong and what i should have said.

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