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Posted by Recovering Bulimic on November 06, 2000 at 19:37:27:

In Reply to: is my new boyfriend anorexic? posted by tina on November 06, 2000 at 07:22:47:

: hello everybody,
: i am new here and i am very confused - i have a new boyfriend for about 3 months - he is very kind - he is always wearing large clothes - so nobody can imagine his figure - he is 24 yrs now - i love him but he is looking like a skeleton -
: when i saw him the first time nude i was very surprised, even shocked - and i was really starring at his bones - but i didnt say anything to him till now - because i love him and do not want to hurt him or to loose him - he is very kind, has a very beautiful face, long hair and is very tall (about 6`3) -
: i have never seen anybody that bony before - so i asked myself how he could be that thin ? i am not sure but i think he is anorexic - i found out that he is lying about his eating habits - he tells everywhere that he has just eaten - but he hardly ever eats - and if he does he is eating only small portions and no meat !! in the morning he only drinks his coffee and smokes one cigarette , during the day he is telling me he would eat at work, but i found out that this isn`t true - so i only see him eating in the evening and ...:
: he tells me eating too much in the evening is not healty - so he hardly eats anything in the evening -

: so he was going on to loose some weight in those 3 months - maybe more than 10 lbs - i found out that he is going to weigh himself at least 3 times a day - so i surprised him after his shower yesterday, when he was staying on the scale in his underwear - and is saw it - only 125 lbs - i saw it written on the scale but i couldnt say anything - he was getting very red in his face and told me with a trambling voice that he knows that he is underweight -
: now i am very confused and do not know how to react - he really needs to put on weight, but i dont know how i can feed him?? - what shall i do - is he anorexic??

He is very underweight for his height. I feel scared for him. If you love him please try to talk to him. Convince him that he needs help. Let him know that you will be there for him every step of the way. I know what it is like to deal with an eating disorder on your own and it is awful. Someone with and eating disorder needs support. Please convince him to get help. The weight he is at now is very unhealthy. It is not easy to admit that you need help, but if you have somone there who loves and cares about you it helps with the struggle. God Bless You.

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