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Posted by nick on November 15, 2000 at 00:52:09:

ok everybody, my girlfriend, and the only girl i have ever loved or had a reason to, has an eating disorder. She is bulemic. I amazes me so because she began this when she was in fifth grade she tells me. We are both more or less 16 now and in high school. Everytime i am with her i "coach" her or encourage her to take it slow, but i can only do so much.. So much has happened to her in such a short amount of time it is unreal. If she were to talk to a message board for every major conflict that she faces, then she would probally reply to about 6 or more, including rape, mental and psycoological disordes such as sever depression, i suspect infrequent bouts of scytzophrenia, multuple personality diorder or by-polarism( i don't know much on the subject there), she cuts herself to dull everything else, she "hates" herself and thinks she's fat and ugly(which is totally untrue[which is what is most shocking is that it happenes to plague all the wrong people, if only the people who were auctually fat knew it]), and the list goes on from there. I think i am growing so fond of this girl that i think i'm in love with her, as i think she is too with me. I love my Katy, but there is so much that she needs to resolve within, and i can only do so much. But she is showing MUCH improvement. And if you are reading this Katy, looking for support, yes i am concerned about you, and yes i do love you (take it however you so may choose, as scary as it may be ;-). Well i just wanted to get that out in the open and get in contact with other people in like situations, even though i am not the one battling this. I do, or have had, sever bouts of Turettes Syndrome and very severe depression, so i can slightly relate to her, but this is on a much grander scale. Well any replies would be more than appreciated, either to my e-mail or the board. It's funny how you don't know how much other people can help untill you give it a chance, and for any would be repliers, don't be afraid to do so, or contact me directly via e-mail. You would be surprised just how comforting your words can be to another person and not even be aware of it. Well, thanks for letting me vent some built up tension, thank you. And to all those people out there who fight this everyday, i admire you. I admire you for every ounce of strength and courage you have. You're still here aren't you? And hey, you're even on the computer, so you're not doing so bad for yourself after all. This is only one aspect of your life,not the whole thing, remember that. Your life starts today. have a good one, and please stay in touch and in focus. Bye for now.......
an evergrowing optomistic,

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