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Posted by bye on November 11, 1999 at 11:03:07:

In Reply to: Re: Is this an eating disorder? posted by Kate on August 04, 1999 at 06:43:27:

: : Alright, I will attempt to make this short and sweet. I am a junior in high school and have been engaging in what might be labeled "disordered eating" for about a year and a half. I would like to know if this abnormal relationship I have with food has become a "real" eating disorder. Let's see... I eat rather normally except I occasionally binge on the weekends. After I eat (whether it's a normal meal or not) I ALWAYS throw it up. I typically throw up about 5-8 times a day. I have tried to break this "habit," but it's harder than I thought it would be. I have not lost a significant amount of weight, however. I also abuse laxatives and diet pills, and weigh/measure myself about 2-3 times a day. The thing is, the physical consequences of my weird eating habits haven't shown up yet. (I am in good health physically, just tired and mentally confused). Also, I DO NOT want a reply that explains all the bad effects, yells about "what I'm doing to myself", or prods me to get help. I just want to know if this is an eating disorder. Thanks so much for your time.

: From 1 Kate To Another,
: Kate, yeah you do have an eating disorder, a few of them actually. You have 3:

: 1. Excessively using laxitives
: 2. Bulemia
: 3. Excessively using diet pills(food supressents)

: Kate I will not preach to you or make you get help, but if you want children in the future I would seriously stop all of this, it caused me to have a misscariage, you may feel your are healthy now but it will all catch up to you. I don't want anyone going through that.
: Kate
Yes dear you do have an eating disorder and if you continue it will get worse and you will die much sooner than you should.

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