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Posted by eric on November 28, 1999 at 00:26:26:


can males really be anorexic? i think i may have kind of a problem. I am 5'10" or so and while i've
never been fat or anything like that, i started losing weight in may. i used to weigh about 215 and
now i weigh about 140. my life has gotten to the point where i absolutely hate eating, i don't like
eating when people i know are around because they watch me eat. it kind of freaks me out a little
bit so like in some cases i do not eat (like at work if someone buys lunch for everyone i don't eat).
i'm not sure why i don't like to eat in front of them, but i just feel really spooked about it. I am
just about terrified of going off of my diet...i never have more than 750 calories per day; everything
is low fat. one girl that i work with claims that she had an anorexic roommate in college and that i
am just like that girl.

everyone tells me that i look like i've lost too much weight. my bosses wife told me i look good; but
i am starting to look "gaunt". i totally don't see this. every time i look in the mirror, all i can see is
that my stomach looks fat and overweight, even though my assistant at work claims that i must
have no body fat what so ever. at the same time, i have been exercising every day, no matter what, rain
snow, extreme heat; it doesn't matter. i usually run between 1 hour and 2 hours every day.

my friends all kid with me about what do you do...go into the bathroom and puke to lose weight.
well sometimes i do this if i eat something really sugary, etc. Like apple pie on thanksgiving. i
don't force myself to throw up often though, maybe a couple of times per month.

in addition, i have been constantly cold, and keep getting "head rushes" or dizziness....the girl i
work with says its because i don't eat enough. i really think i am eating fine though. once in a while
i have chicken breast (grilled) and snack on stuff like cereal once in a while.

does anyone think i have any issues out there? should i see a doctor or anything like that

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