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Posted by courtney on January 28, 2000 at 00:20:52:

In Reply to: This is a REALLY weird problem... posted by A girl with a strange problem on January 12, 2000 at 21:52:35:

: Ok, tell me how weird this is. I seem to have a binge eating/anorexic eating disorder! I work out everyday for 2 hours... I am 17, 5'9", and 125 lbs, which is fine. I used to be fat, but I lost the weight. I eat healthy all week, and during a normal day, I only consume around 800-900 calories, followed by the workouts... then, each Friday, i eat until I am about to EXPLODE! I can't stop eating! It started when I decided to reward myself for a healthy week by eating my fav foods on Friday, but now, since I crave them so much by Friday, I want to fit as much as I can in my body. I make myself absolutely SICK! Then all week, I work to lose the weight I gain from my binge- so on Saturdays, I weigh about 128, and on Friday mornings, I weigh about 121- EVERY week is the same. I just want to be able to control myself on Fridays-- i can on all the other days, why must I binge to a painful point? If anyone can help me, or has this problem- E mail me please- [email protected]
: Thanks, Katie
ok, i'm 5'9 i used to weigh 117 lbs, wich is way too skinny now i,m 130 and look much better! ok, heres your prob, you need to consume AT LEAST 1,200 cal a day, that is how much your body needs to function properly, like your brain, and all that, if you don't consume that your body goes into starvation mode, and you are going to screw up yuor metabolism, and not be able to ever loose weight in the future, and since you exercise so much, you need to consume at least 1,700 are wasting your time if you dont because you will end up gaing weight, get sick from malnutritin and feel awful!

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