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Posted by Christina on February 01, 2000 at 21:43:18:

In Reply to: i need to know if i can ever eat normally again. PLEASE. posted by Louise on January 22, 2000 at 02:21:15:

There is nothing wrong with wanting to be thin. But there is something wrong with doing ANYTHING to get there. Starving yourself is the worse thing you could do for yourself. And, you are not loosing fat, you are loosing muscle. The body has to convert energy from something if you don't give it food. There are so many things that you can eat without ballooning. There is nothing wrong with eating all the fresh stuff you can. All the fruits and veggies in the world will fill you up, give your body what it needs and satisfy the bodys needs so it will let go of the fat. Take good care of yourself. It's the only body you will ever get. Trust me, I have lost functions of the body due to MS and diet and the last thing you want is bigger problems. Feed your body well and it will serve you well.

: i've been pretty much wanting to be somewhat anorexic or something. Well, not exactly, but I'd do anything to be thin. And well, i've been starving myself alot, for the past few days, and exercising too. I think it helped a bit. But i'm afraid when i think i have to keep this up forever. Like i'll never have a chance to enjoy food again. But frankly, if that's what it takes, I might just have to do it. I am not so much afraid of dying than of growing fat. Well, I think I already am fat anyway. The thing is, I feel so afraid to eat. I feel like a single tiny bite of anything will make me grow fat immediately. They say that starvin doesn't work, because the moment you eat normally, you put on even more weight than before. I need to know if that is true, and if there is no way I could just eat a little without ballooning immediately? Please help... i realli have to know.

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