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Posted by Harry on April 02, 2000 at 00:22:29:

In Reply to: "Restaurant Disorder" posted by alison on March 25, 2000 at 18:34:14:

: Anyone have this problem...?

: I started out at eleven developing an insatiable appetite and an obsession with going out to lunch or dinner at my favorite restaurants. I soon started putting on weight and I controlled it by only eating every other day or every two days. After twenty years,
: (I'm 5' tall, 98lbs) I am totally controlled by my obsession with restaurants. I can eat 4000 calories in one of my favorie restaurants. It has ruined my life because I have all these rules and rituals involving where and when I can eat. I can't go on a date because I don't want to waste calories eating and talking at the same time and I don't want to order a lot of stuff off of a menu in front of a guy I just met. I always have to get to a restaurant when it first opens so I get my favorite table or the whole meal is ruined for me. On days I'm "fasting" I have to avoid even driving by a restaurant I like or I go INSANE. I've tried antidepressants and therapy and never got any better.
: I don't want to eat five items off a menu because I'm all that hungry---it's because I'm obsessed with those foods and go nuts if I have to chose just one thing.
: In other words, I don't binge because I fast---I have to fast because I binge. I've never purged, but I think this is worse. I particularly crave everything that's RICH-- creamy salad dressings, gravies, cheese sauces, hollandaise sauces and anything with a crunchy batter. It's a very expensive, publically embarrassing and socially isolating "quirk" of an eating disorder.

Hi Alison,
It sounds like OCD. As you know this behavior is not normal!!! You should seek help----How bad is it going to get??? Do you take any nutritional supplements? God Bless---Harry

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