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Posted by Meghan Mohr on July 10, 2000 at 21:17:21:

In Reply to: Would someone please help!!!!!!!!!! posted by Melissa on July 09, 2000 at 19:46:50:

: Hi, my name is Melissa and I've resently realized that I have a seriouer problem than I want to let myself know, ever since 5th grade I have off and on stopped eating at diffrent times. I recently passed out while running. I'm 5'6'' and my weight depending on the day is anywhere from 105-115. I think I might have a problem, I'm very close to my b/f and I've told him about it. I think he blew it up a little bit and thinks its worse than what it really is. I'm not sure if my problem is bad enough to get help I definately know that I would love to eat again and not feel guility but there's no way that I want to go somewhere for some person I dont even know to help me. I've never used laxitives, I just skip meals. I'm really confused there's still half of me that says that I'm crazy and that every girl in the world skips a couple of meals sometimes. Someone tell me what to do, please.

First of all just go to the dotor and have yourself checked out.That wouldhave been the best thing I had ever done, cuz I started out y ED like that.Now I can't eat anything. My column on here is I am Not Anorexic am I? and you can read it if you like..If you need any help or nything please e-mail me..Trust me my boy friend done the same thing...

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