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Posted by Christian Friend on July 20, 2000 at 02:01:11:

In Reply to: Re: The answer is NOT in therapy!-please read posted by BB on July 18, 2000 at 13:04:54:

What you have written is not Biblical in perspective. Not all illness is of satan or demonic. There are many different possibilities as reasons behind illness, not at all satanic in nature. Read Job, for example. Many other verses reveal other reasons thruout scripture.

I am a born-again Christian, and Bible believer and Jesus Christ truster, myself, and have dealt with demons and satanic stuff. I also have had the spectrum of experiences with counselors that seemed like satan's friends, on through deeply healing therapy thru a pastor that became a psychologist to better help people according to his calling.

Psycho simply means mind, and you use a shower to bathe don't you? It is not in itself evil, it is just a tool. Psychotherapy is not satanic, it is just a tool. It can be used for good or evil as can anything in the world.

Eating disorders come from control issues, usually due to controlling types of people in the lives of those with the disorder and they exert control over food as a means to feel some sort of control.
You may want to look at yourself in this matter, as well as other church memebers should look at themselves, that try to control this problem for your husband, such as thru exorcism of some sort.
I suggest you all apolegize to him and back off...let him discover if he has a problem or need for help with it. Quit thinking of him as insufficient...he has the same capable Creator.

What he needs from you is for all of you to let go of him and entrust him to God. If he has an eating disorder (habit)is his problem, if he does even have it. We are not always right in our perceptions of other's spiritual states, no matter how strongly we feel about it.

There is no evidence in scripture that demons can dwell in believers, either, or control us. In fact I am sure they cannot dwell with the Holy Spirit at all, and the Holy Spirit is given to every believer and never leaves. Believers can have weak faith, or normal human fears and emotions and physical weaknesses and still be right with God...our position and relationship depends on what Jesus already did, not on us.

God has not cured your husband's problem for His own reasons and it is always easier to think it has nothing to do with us.
It may be all of you that have not been trusting, not your husband. Granted he has his own issues.
I agree your job is to just love him, and let him know you are there to talk with if he wants it.

I have to speak up when I see the name of Christ and truth being mishandled like makes us look like doofuses to the is not Godly or spiritual at all.

It will behoove us to understand scriptural truth so we can rightly divide the word, rather than stuff taught by man about demon issues. If that was a real demon issue, it takes a lot of prayer and fasting to deal with. What you wrote was not scriptural, and I am confident it is a human nature issue, anyway. Yours and your husband's human natures.
Duet. 32: 39...offered in friendship.

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