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Posted by mam seizures and autism sometimes go together children with landau kleffner syndrome may display autistic behaviour and children with autism sometimes have seizures-MAM on March 09, 2000 at 12:24:34:

In Reply to: stroke at birth/epilepsy surgery/autistic behavior posted by christine on February 21, 2000 at 15:50:29:

: my son had a stroke at birth.he is now 8 yrs old.he had epilepsy surgery (functional partial hemi)when he was 4yrs old. he doesn't have the status seizures that he used to have, but he was put back on seizure meds for small seizures. they are under control now but i just found out that 50% of the people who have had the surgery need a second one.he is non-verbal so he can't tell me what he is feeling. he often, out of no where starts to cry and hit his head. i don't know if he is feeling a seizure,the effects of his tegratol.he has some autistic behavior so it is hard to know if if it is behavioral.can anyone relate to this,or can someone tell me if your head hurts before or during a seizure?any help would be great.
REPLY I would check out landau kleffner syndrome, speech regression is a classic symptom for this and LKS children do display autistic tendancies so it could be that your son's headbanging is autism as this is one of the signs. Check out FOLKS(friends of landau kleffner syndrome) or any other group to do with LKS on the internet. Have you ruled out allergies as many parents are finding theses increase symptoms- in some cases are the cause for all!(gluten and dairy products are often the biggest culprit) visit the autism notice board this could be helpful, best wishes.

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