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Posted by gram on March 22, 2000 at 00:59:13:

In Reply to: forced on medical leave from job due to diagnosis of epilepsy posted by gerri on February 23, 2000 at 14:20:35:

: Hello,
: I am pretty new to this board. I was diagnosed
with Complex Partial Seizures (secondarily
generalized) this month. I have not been driving
since Jan 1 when this all started and have been
out of work since then as well. I was hospitalized
due to Dilantin toxicity and a killer rash. It was
at the hospital they made this final diagnosis. I
was there for 6 days... ahhh

: Anyway, im feeling on Tegretol { a
time realease kind) and ready to go back to work.
My boss wants a note saying there are no work
restrictions. My Dr. wrote no driving for 6
months.I work with mentally retarded adults who
need my constant supervision. Some of the time I
am on alone. My boss says that if a client wants
to go for a walk or needs to go on an
appointment..i could not drive them to the park or
dr office so therefor i am unable to fill my job
description. My big concern is being alone with
them. I do not want anything to happen at work.
Ive been with these ladies for many years.
: My boss said if i cant get a note that says NO
restrictions that i cant return to work and i have
to go on an unpaid medical leave. I tried to
explain that this wont just go away and what
happens when the 6 months is up? Do I loose my
job? She said yes since i cant fill the job
: I said 90% of the job is care giving not going
for a walk or driving to an appointment. I work
fri,sat,sun 12hr shifts and im on with another
person. She said she cant always ensure there will
be someone with me so i cant continue at this
group home.
: I love the clients i work with and was willing
to walk 6 miles to work,,,
: Now im on an unpaid medical leave. This can last
for 6 to 12 months....what do i do for income? is
this legal? I know this is a long winded
note..but i am sooo new to all this... My family
can adjust for a few months but after that???????
Any info would be greatly appreciated. Gerri

Hello Gerri- The same thing happened to me. I worked at the same hospital for 19 years. After brain surg.,I was forced onto social security disibility. Call your nearest social security office- if you are told you cannot work, you are entitled to disibility benefits. Good luck

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