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Posted by art w. on March 25, 2000 at 12:55:53:

In Reply to: VACCINE induced EPILEPSY posted by DO YOU BELIEVE YOUR CHILD'S EPILEPSY (OR YOUR OWN) has been caused by some VACCINE? PLEASE let me know! on March 11, 2000 at 18:41:25:

: Has your child or yourself suffered from some form of epilepsy post some vaccination? my son's epilepsy began. I BELIEVE as a result of the school campaig MR(measles rubella vaccine) (amongst other things) which vaccine caused yours?

like your self i have to question this measels vacine. my son had his shot and 3 weeks later
he had his first seizer. now before this shot he was as healthy as a horse and still is but he's
had 1 black out and 1 more grandmal attack. over the last 2 yrs. he had all the test but nothing
shows up and the doctors are all kinds of willing to prescribe medacations but still no answer
as to why. the other interesting thing is before the shots were given the kids brought home a
release form for us to sign and it stated there might be some side effects to this vacine but
now those forms seem to have disappeared from the face of the earth. i dont know if its
epilepsy but with someof the side effects of the medications there wanting to give i need to
know for sure. that form from the school stills comes to mind with the words.THERE MIGHT
BE SIDE EFFECTS. a peice of advice for the future with any vacinations if side effects come
up in the covercation and even if its not mentioned FOR GOD SAKES PLEASE ASK UNTILL
YOU GET AN ANSWER.. we have a right to know and for our kids sake just do it. ive listed
my e-mail and if you want to talk please email. .my son is going to have more tests done and
hopefully we'll find the answer and then we'll persue the right avenue. but untill then am not go-
to let him be a ginypig with this hit and miss medication that might or might not work.

wish you and yours a good life.
art w.

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