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Posted by Ann on March 27, 2000 at 17:29:31:

In Reply to: Starting all over again and disappointed posted by Leann on March 17, 2000 at 20:36:15:

: Well I have not posted anything to this message board in a while, up until today I thought my seizures were controlled. My doctor had reccommended I not drive for six months, I have been faithful to those orders. I was going for six months from December 31, 1999. I had another seizure today so that means I will have to start my six months of not driving all over, under my doctor's reccommendation, because apparently I am not under control. Not being able to go and come as I please has been hard, I do not like depending upon someone else to have to take me places. Even though it is usually my husband, I still feel like a burden. Can anyone offer any insite on this.

Leann, sound very strong to me, strong in spite of all that has happened to you. I believe there are many others "out there" who understand how much this bothers you. Anyone who has had a driver's license revoked because of seizures has a level of understanding. I am one of them. I was able to drive again on Feb. 11, after six months. Guess what? I had a seizure on Feb. 14! Talk about starting over! It's so frustrating, isn't it? Sam's response to your post is so full of hope, and so is your post back to him. We all have limitations of some sort and have to learn to live with them. Easy? No. Fun? No. Inconvenient? For sure! I try to see the positives...such as realizing what a wonderful husband I have who doesn't mind driving me to work every day, to my appointments, doing the shopping and all errands, knowing how I can depend on my children (even though I'd rather not), and discovering how many friends I have. They came out of the woodwork to help me the first time I was on a "six month driving hiatus." Now there have been many more periods of no driving. But I remind myself that I have the option of walking, biking, or staying home sulking. I remind myself that I do not have cancer. I enjoy my children and grandchild with the same enthusiasm. Clouds have a way of making me appreciate the sun all the more. I do understand your frustration. Been there/done that! My little Saturn sits in the garage more than I take it on the road. For the safety of others and for my own safety I never even think about violating a driving suspension due to seizure activity. This, at its least, brings out our creativity. You have many in the company of non-drivers and I hope as you read the responses that you will find words that will comfort you. Who knows? I may have to come to you for support and encouragement one of these days! Thank you for trusting us with your feelings. I, for one, will always handle them carefully.

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