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Posted by Joanne on April 05, 2000 at 02:18:09:

In Reply to: Complex Partial Status Seizure posted by Ann on March 27, 2000 at 17:05:27:

: I'm a first-time post-er, and need information and encouragment regarding complex partial status seizures.
: I've just experienced my first, after many years of only grand mal (tonic-clonic) seizures.
: Doctors in the ER missed the diagnosis, even though they were well aware that I am epileptic, and focused, instead, on
: psychological/psychiatric symptoms. This was frustrating to me. It will help me to read a variety of your complex partial seizure
: experiences so to compare my own, although I know that we are each individual. I'm wondering why, after so long a time of one kind of seizure,
: I should suddenly have another. I became mute, apparently, and no one could figure out why. I had my typical aura of feeling apart from my surroundings and
: unable to communicate well. This did not generalize into tonic-clonic activity, but did move into two days of sleeping and very little contact with
: others around me. My recall is almost nothing. I'll thank you now for your attention and help. It was really a disconcerting experience, which put me in the
: hospital overnight. All bloodwork was normal, but my behavior, especially speech, was affected. Thanks again.

Hi Ann!

Some people experience one type of seizure all of their lives. Others, like yourself, experience changes in their seizures. It's not really uncommon to have one kind of seizure for years and then all of a sudden have another kind. The one thing we can safely say about seizures is that they'll always surprise you. My daughter experiences a whole range of different kinds of seizures. She might go two or three years having the same kind and all of a sudden they'll change into something else. Her doctor says that sometimes the change in medication can change the nature of them. Frankly, I'm not surprised the ER staff did not recognize what you were having as a seizure. This has happened to us also. I once had my daughter in the emergency room with a status seizure but she was talking through it. The attending physician was adamant that she wasn't having a seizure. She said that "there's no such thing as a seizure where someone can speak through it". I asked this doctor if "perhaps she was asleep the day they studied seizures in class". Very sarcastic of me but I'm tired of doctors being so clueless. I don't know if this has helped you but I hope you get more answers to your questions. Just remember that seizures are sneaky, mean and full of surprises. Good luck!

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