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Posted by Terry Parker jr on June 06, 2000 at 23:27:42:

In Reply to: Re: I have it all - who can help me, I'm desperate posted by Hope on June 04, 2000 at 15:51:15:

: Sweetie, I wish I could hug you right now. I know exactly how you feel! I got to the point where I told my neuro that I'm ready for a magnum 44 in my head because nothing works. I've been on meds since I was 6 months old and now I am 27! My neuro asked me if I'd let him do some tests to see if I was a surgery candidate and if I was willing to have brain surgery. I did it on May 1st and have not had a seizure since!!! First step is to get an magnetic field test done on your brain, second to stay in the hospital while the eeg wires are on your head day and night, they took me completely off my meds to video eeg the seizures and my behavior because, of course, they'd never seen me have one. Then I had to go a week with the grids, this is where it's also an video eeg but they put the wires literally on your brain (I have a whole new def'n of being wired-ha ha) when they pulled the grids, they cut the scar tissue from my brain and sewed me up. Needless to say I got a staff infection but returned to the hospital before the inf got under the skull they'd cut--and even through all that, I am still seizure FREE!! Maybe you ought to consider the surgery but I have to say that you really have to be at the point where it's your hope and faith to live life. I don't get on the internet too much but if you'd like to ask me anything, just be patient and I'll email you eventually. Bless you. Hope.
Scar Tissue, you mean "brain tissue" demonstrating no pathology,is defintion of a experimental psychosurgical procedure, as to alter behavior, not epilepsy. I have been through
this bullshit brain surgeries only to experience increase and variation of seizure disorder,along with pain in the operative field due to cerebral hemmorraging. Adverse effects of psychosurgical research. May I suggest you check out all anti-convulsants before surgery, including marijuana. I have been seizure free since Judge Patrick Sheppard's decision Dec.10,1997 allowing myself to cultivate and possess marijuana for epilepsy.
Believe me, a joint in front of me, is better than a lobotomy. Take care, Terry Parker Jr.

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