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Posted by Debbie Dodson on June 14, 2000 at 23:42:41:

In Reply to: Corrective Surgery For Epilepsy Saved Me! posted by Amy on April 15, 2000 at 21:21:52:

Hi Amy,

My daughter Melissa started having seizures at age 18 months as a result of a febrile seizure. Her febrile seizure was so severe that scar tissue formed causing her to have Epilepsy. She took Phenobarbatol for approximately one year. We saw no seizure activity in that year so the Doctor took her off of medications. At around age 5 she started having seizures again, partial complex. Melissa was on all kinds of medicines with nothing ever controling her seizures. At age 15 she had a right temperol lobectomy. That was 4 years ago and she hasn't had a seizure since! She too has been off all medications for over three years. It has been such a wonderful blessing in our lives. For anyone contemplating surgery, do look into your options. For Melissa and our family it was the best choice that we have ever made. Her surgeon Dr. Derek Bruce is a brilliant doctor. People from all over the world come to him. If anyone out there has a child that is going through a seizure disorder and would like to send me an email, I would love to hear from you. It does help to know that there are people out in the world that have experienced what you are going through. Good Luck to you Amy!



Hi everyone,
: Just wanted to say hello to everyone. Thought that I could share my experience with everyone. When I was 8 months old I had a grand-mal seizure. That seizure was so severe that it scarred my brain. I continued to have seizures until I was almost 16 years old. I was picked on in school, put on many different medications, and I was even told by teachers, friends, and DOCTORS, that I was faking my seizures. Then when I was 15 (almost 16) years old, I found out about a surgery that was being offered to correct epilepsy/seizures. Me and my family checked into it, and I was tested to see if I was a candidate for this surgery. I WAS! on May 31, 1994 I had the surgery. This May 31 I will be celebrating 6 years seizure free!!!! My life has been extremely overwhelming since. I am now living away from home (at college in the dorms), attending college full-time, am able to drive, and am dating someone without the worry of having a seizure and making him feel awkward, or him just simply not knowing what to do. I am completely off all medications! And I have been for 3 years. This is a brief synopsis about my experience. If anyone is interested in hearing more or you just want information, please feel free to contact me. My e-mail address is [email protected] I will be glad to talk to anyone that has any questions. May God Bless All.

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