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Posted by bonny on July 24, 2000 at 06:41:52:

In Reply to: Re: 5 Yr.old Son just diagnosed....complex partial seizures??? posted by Debbie Dodson on July 20, 2000 at 18:50:24:

: Hello Nicole,

: My daughter Melissa also had partial complex seizures, although she never had outbursts as you have stated. I say Melissa HAD partial complex seizures. Four years ago she had surgery and has not had a seizure since the day before her surgery. While having a seizure, she would smack her lips and her left arm would draw up close to her chest. Since your Son has ADHD, do you think it could possibly be a combination of the drugs that he is taking? I'm just guessing. My daughter was dianosed at age 5. If you would like to email me my address is [email protected] Good luck to you and your son.

: Debbie

: : We have had problems with my 5 yr old son since he was about 18months old and today I took him to see a new doctor who diagnosed him with complex partial seizures on top of his ADHD. In the past I had always been told that my son had ADHD. But I've always thought there was more to it. 95% of the time he's like every little 5 yr. old boy happy, bouncy,noisy. But every now and then from no where he'll have a rage fit which can last anywhere from 10-20 minutes. He becomes extremely aggressive and uncontrolably strong. After one of these attacks he goes very quiet and then acts as if nothing happened. The doctor told me that this could be a partial seizure. Has anyone had any similar diagnosis for this type of behavior? It just doesn't sound to me what I read everyone describing.
: : : Any comments appreciated.

: : Hi Nichole-

: : I am not a doctor, and have no direct experience with partial seizures. I have been reading
: : the neurofeedback literature for drug-free or dosage-reducing epilepsy treatments, and recommend
: : reading the epilepsy articles online at the main sites:,,
: : and Your doctor should be able to help review
: : these materials, and hopefully help explore this avenue with an open mind.

: : My re-introduction into this came via reading "A Symphony in the Brain", which is a reasonably
: : good history/overview of neurofeedback. I would also recommend seeking a QEEG map as a
: : starting point; one of the organizations above should be able to direct you to a practitioner.

: : Hope this helps-

: : -Tom

My daughter is nearly 13 and was diagnosed with complex absence seizures 2-3 years ago.
Like you, I wonder if there is more to it all. When she was a toddler she also had quite frightening outbursts which we attributed to tantrum, but looking back, can't help but wonder if it was related. She seemed to be frightened and out of control, also holding her breath, going blue, and didn't seem with us. She grew out of that, but had some ADD symptoms, but with epilepsy under control, she has none of those.
I believe we as parents can't take all the Doctors say as gospel, no offense to them, I just think we see more than they have time to hear, or research, and it never hurts to bring a topic up with your doctor for him to consider
We are also using a homeopath/naturopath in conjunction with traditional treatment, as medicine mask symptoms, don't heal, and we have seen some improvement.
Feel free to write- [email protected]

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