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Posted by Anna on July 24, 2000 at 16:28:24:

In Reply to: Re: incontenice with seizures posted by Christy on March 09, 2000 at 18:46:06:

: : : I am 23 years old and i have had to start wearing diapers being i am wetting myself with my seizures I just want to know if anyone has had this symptom as well i feel all alone.....especially since no one answered my first post. This is a really weird time for me so if anyone could give me any info i would be most appreciative.

: : I have had epilepsy for about 11 years. I take tegretol. I have seizure once every 6 weeks. They start at night and last off and on through the morning. Most always I pee in the bed. I sleep on a mattress protector every night of my life. I was in England about six months ago on business and got over tired because of the jet leag. I had seizures and messed up the hotel mattress. I understand and you are not alone.

: Thanks Larry for you insight.....maybe you and i can correspond.......i just want to know if it ever goes away.
I am 30 and have had grand mal seizures for 8 years. I never wet the bed with them, but when I was first pregnant my seizure pattern changed. I had complex partials and surprise I was peeing with every darn one. After talking to my neurologist, it seems that it has to due with the seizure type and how much of the brain is involved as well as different peoples physical structure. You are not alone. I changed my medication and although I still had the seizures, it seemed to be easier for my body to hold onto its water. You might have the levels checked on your medication since sometimes low levels can be the culprit.I don't know if that makes any sense. You know Kegal excercises might increase the resistance of your bladder muscles enough to perhaps decrease the frequency of accidents and the amount of urine that is released with each seizure. It's worth a try and it sure won't hurt anything. Hang in there for now and this problem might be temporarily caused by stress or low med levels.

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