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Posted by David moore on July 31, 2000 at 19:43:00:

In Reply to: a mum who needs input to help 7 yr old son posted by sue reddas on May 16, 2000 at 17:07:03:

: My son was diagnosed 6 weeks ago as having Complex Partial and myoclonic seizures. I didn't cope well but one has
: to adapt. Last Saturday night while sound asleep on the lounge next to me, his little brain decided to educate me on the world of

I know this must be a most stressing time dor you
watching your son suffer.

I 'm now 41 but I was diagonosed with Epilepsy at 10 yrs

The most important thing not to do is to treat our son
differently. Over protect him, etc, Tell him of the things he can't
do as result of his condition.
Do not treat him differently from another boy of his age.
This is difficult for a mum

My mother did just that and it had a profound effect in later life.
low self esteem, inferior complex, relationship problems.

Gladly all these problems have been sorted now.

Your son will be fine.
He will learn to accept it and may grow out of his condition in
time. Follow the medical advice of your sons consultant.

Encourage your son in getting used to taking
medication himself.

Try and get his medication in tablet form.
It is easier to take

Be aware of the side effecst that his medication may

Contact the British Epilesy Association for more info.

Sincerest regards


We are home now, but he is sooooo
: tired, can't concentrate/stay focused, and just is not himself. I have also noticed he is draging one leg, and is all of a sudden exposing
: his teeth when he drinks from a cup, with his lip curling upwards. I asked to drs they told me welcome to the world of Epilepsy. As a mum
: this is not the answer I'm looking for, and would really appreciate any feedback, experiences, and ideas on where to go from here. Sorry this
: is so long but I am just about beside myself as I watch my once happy little 7 yr old, falling apart at the seams.

: thanks sue

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