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Posted by mary on August 05, 2000 at 23:55:57:

In Reply to: car accident caused by grand mal posted by lora on August 03, 2000 at 19:45:23:

i help to facilitate a cancer support group, and am a 8 yr survivor from low grade brain cancer. One of the biggest lessons that pts. need to learn it that it is your body and your money that is paying the physician, now it is the physician who has the knowledge and the ability to perform with that knowledge, in other words the doctor and the patient BOTH work together to solve and cure the patient. One cannot exist without the other. Sadly most patients allow the physician to have total control, and honestly physicians do not want that, they or most want the pt. to be helping with the case, to be involved. So write down your questions before you go in, and don't leave before they are answered. and obviously you don't know about your lesion. You need that answered. Monday phone and make an apt. write out your question. And yes almost all things can cause grand mals, and little things can keep them going just maybe like petit mals. It takes time, work, good docs, good pts. and all that you usually do win. And if you are not happy with that doc then find another. they are out there

: I had a car accident which was apparently caused by a
: grand mal seizure. I had an abnormal eeg and a 1cm
: lesion on brain. so far, I was on dilantin and then
: put on tegretol. Never had a seizures before. Dr does
: not discuss lesion, only the seizures. I have had 4 since then ( 1 1/2 years). Am I an epileptic? Can the
: small lesion cause grand mals? Thanks

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