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Posted by Joe Leach on August 15, 2000 at 03:11:47:

My old doctor that treated me for my seizures needs to go back to school. He told me 7 years ago after my 1st seizure since and infant, that as long I took my dilatin I would remain seizure free. Well at
the time of that seizure I was sick with a high fever. Did he take that into account, NO! I went seizure free for 2 more years and became sick again and was running a high fever. Consequently I ran out of my
meds on a job and had a big ole seizure. Well Dr. Feelgood chastised me and sd "I told you that you would not have a seizure unless you failed to take your meds." I have since changed doctors and until
this past Saturday morning have remained seizure free since '95'. I went to bed Friday night chilling from a sunburn I had received out with the family at a water park that day. Low and behold I woke up 5 hours later
in an ambulance on the way to the hospital. My wife said our dachsund woke her up frantic just minutes before I started convulsing. She called 911 and they had her roll me over on my side. I was knashing the
ever living daylights out of my tongue and choking on my blood. After arriving at the ER, they checked my dilatin count and it was 17 which was great. It is supposed to be between 10 and 20. The ER doctor told me
that my seizures are kicked off when I run a high fever. I had these when I was an infant and went seizure free for over 25 years. She sd it was unusual to continue to have these type of fever induced seizures into adulthood.
Well this adds a new chapter to our lives. Before, we thought as long as I took my meds, I would be ok. Now we have to be extra cautious when I'm sick. Anytime I come down sick with a fever, instead of letting it run its course,
I'll have to try and fight to keep it down.

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