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Posted by Joe on August 25, 2000 at 05:22:00:

In Reply to: This is new to me and I need advice posted by Donna on August 24, 2000 at 16:01:01:

: My nine year old daughter had a grand mal seizure in July.Both the MRI and CAT SCAN were normal.However,her EEG showed abnornalties.The Dr. said that she had several shapr charges in the back of the brain.He didn't diagnose her as having epilepsy,he wants to wait until she has another seizure.However,He does suspect it.He also said that her chance of not having another seizure are less than 100%.This doesn't help me out much.I need to know some stats.Do children that have a seizure along with an abnormal EEG ususlly develope epilepsy?I understand that Drs. don't always give personal opinions.They want to cover themselves. I feel like I am in the dark.Can someone shed some light on this. Thanks,Donna

Was your daughter sick and running a fever when she had her seizure and did you have a difficult birth with her. I'm asking this because I'm on dilatin for gand mals. I have been for 6 years. They haven't clinically diagnosed me with epilepsy, but I am on dilatin. I had some grand mals when I was a baby and they did not occur again for 26 years. My mom had a real difficult birth with me and they said my head was pretty smashed up. This last seizure, like my previous 2, were when I was running a high fever (102+). Two weeks ago I got a real bad sun burn at a water park and started running a high fever that night in my sleep. I had a grand mal and my wife called 911 and had me taken by ambulance to the hospital. My dilatin count was a 17 out of 20 which is excellent. The ER doctor diagnosed mine as a febrile , which is very rare in adults. As with your daughter, I had a CT and MRI this year and they came out normal. My EEG although showed some irregular patterns. This instance was the first time
they had put together my 3 previous seizures had occured when I was sick with a fever. I would definitly push the issue with your doctor and/or neurologist until you get an answer. I hope I have been helpful. Joe

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