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Posted by J. Hatfield on August 28, 2000 at 23:27:24:

In Reply to: Re: Lamictal and Trileptal problems posted by Cheryl Myers on July 05, 2000 at 12:28:23:


My 10-yr old daughter has been on Lamictal & Tegretol for 7 years. We recently changed her over to Trileptal from the Tegretol & kept the Lamictal at the same dose as always. She is a little over halfway to the therapeutic dose.

She has had the same side effects you described in your post. Extreme dizziness -- so bad that she could not leave her bed. We have been reducing the Lamictal and she has improved. We are now attempting to wean off of the Lamictal & continue to bring the Trileptal to the recommended dose.

Her szs have never been 100% controlled. She is controlled in the day, but has szs in her sleep.

Take care & feel free to write.
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: Cheryl M.
: I have partial complex seizures which I had been taking Tegretal for about 10 years but because
: I was started was started on Lamictal about a month ago with a newly approved drug ,
: Trileptal, which I had been taking for about 3 months at that time. . But because I was still showing
: a lot seizure activity on my EEGs , my neurologists prescribe the drug Lamictal, since he had had good results
: (total of 200mg) with this combination of drugs. I was doing fine (feeling wise ) until he doubled my dose of Lamitcal
: a total of 400 mg after about 2 weeks to total 400mg ( half in morning- half in the evening). Even though I kept reporting
: that I was having just about every side effect on the list (dizziness, double vision, dry mouth, uncoodinated movements,
: movements, tremors, no appetite, sleepines, vomiting. confusion and memory decrease),
: plus a new symptom - the second day I was taking the double dose of Lamitcal I woke up at 1am
: with I had a feeling of a rocking back and forth motion inside my head,
: and of course a dizziness if physicially I moved at all. This scared me very much so as soon as the doctor was in again,
: and even seriously considered calling an ambulance right then since I had no idea what was happening.
: I called my doctor as soon as he was in again I reported this to him, but since I was having fairly strong epiletic activity on my last EEG even taking the combination of the new drugs, Trileptal amd Lamitcal,
: he insisted that I stay an both of these drugs and that I would get used to the higher dose because
: I needed it to see if I could return to normal job/ ctivity - computer consulting work and
: geting my driver's license back, which I need to, otherwise,
: I would probably have to go to on SS disability, but since I was have not been showing any rash,
: which is the only serious side effect of both drugs and which can cause death, and
: means both of the drugs shoud be stopped immediately because there is an allergy to them.
: I would like to know if anyone knows what this feeling of a rocking back and forth motion inside
: their head or has had it themselves.
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