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Posted by Gladys on August 30, 2000 at 17:26:32:

In Reply to: I need some information posted by Clare on August 29, 2000 at 16:10:01:

:-) . I really believe in traumas because my seizures started when i was almost 19 . Before turning 19 , I had a lot of problems in my house, serious problems, that everything was a hell with my Dad. Anguish, fear , depression, sadness. Iam pretty sure when that there are some events that can mark a person for the rest of the life. Anguish, fear, sadness,depression,insecurity and another things i know that made me sick.
My lab test never showed anything, all of them normal. I started taking Tryptanol that helped to calm a person but the seizures continued, specially when I was through strong emotions (bad) or bad impressions , after that the doctor changed me the medicine to Dilantin.It didnt worked goog to me. My hormones messed up and the hair grows in face and other places. I continued having seizures. My nervous system terrible.
Later , they gave me TEGRETOL. So far, i havent had any problems with it, in one ocasions when i missed a dose for few days i had a seizure. But while iam taking the tegretol i dont have any seizures anymore.
They didnt want to give me Phenobarbital because I drive and i study and the doctor told me that i need to be awake.
Right now my nervous system has been stable. I have to chage manythings in my life and thanks to GOD that he has helped me a lot.

I had a seizure last year precisely after I ate meat. I hadnt had seizures furing 5 years consecutive.
Last year was the first one after those five. In the hospital they checked my tegretol level and found that it was low. So they increased the dose.

I usually eat meat and i havent had any seizures anymore.
My mood is much better but there is something inside me that was so traumatic and still there and i hope someday i could find that freedom and set free my self and no have more resentments and pain in my heart.
Well i would suggest that the doctor of your sister check the dose in her blood and she should see another alternative like hipnosis or regressions, i have heard that some help to ger over from many traumas. I was thinking to see that possibility.
Also I read that sometimes some seizures are widrawals.
Right now , i feel fear because iam pregnant and i just want a know about the risk of birth defects on babys. and never have seizures in my life.

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