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Posted by Julie on August 30, 2000 at 23:23:46:

In Reply to: Re: 3 year old's first seizure posted by Marcie on August 25, 2000 at 18:10:50:

: After reading about the symptoms of these little ones I feel I have to post about my own children here.
Our 3 yr old daughter began having unconscious episodes and we were told at first it was probably nothing more than a febrile convulsion and she would outgrow them in time, As time went by however she continued to have this faints, we were then told it could be epilepsy although all eeg testings were clear.
Then we asked if her heart could be the problem behind these events and had her have an ECG to check, it turned out it is her heart, she is 9 yrs old now and very healthy and doing extremely well, she has a pacemaker implanted along with 2 of her brothers as this condition turned out to be a genetic one and so they also have it and had fainted also given different reasons by doctors, one said low blood pressure, another an asthma attack, and night terrors as our son fainted in the night after calling out in his sleep after having had a bad dream so they said he had a vivid imagination which nhad him scared and caused him to black out, anyway the reason I wanted to post was let you know that if all EEGs turn out to be clear it is well worth suggesting a heart test of an ECG to be sure its not heart related.
All the best.
P.S the condition my family have is called the Long QT Syndrome, which is easily often overlooked and mis diagnosed as a seizure disorder or epilepsy because the symptoms are so very similar.

Hi, my son is 3-1/2 yrs. old and just had his first seizure on August 1st. We thought all was well, until he had another 10 days later and then another a day later and then 2 at 12 hours apart. All 4 were the grand mal seizures. A very scary thing to see your little one go through. I've been panicked and paranoid ever since. He's had an EEG and it came back normal. He's got an MRI scheduled on the 30th and we hope all will come out well. We are so puzzled as to how and why this is happening to him since it doesn't run on either sides of our families. He's on medication now and hasn't had one for 12 days. I attributed the seizures to the fact that he was sleep deprived each time that they happened and that he likes to sleep under warm blankets. His temp. was at 95° for the first 2 and 96.7 for the last 2. For all 4 of his, they happened in his bed either after he fell asleep or right before he'd wake up (normally). Our neurologist couldn't really tell us a reason why he started. It's very scary for me to think that he has to go through the rest of his life like this. After 2 years they will ask us if we want to wean him off the meds to see if he's outgrown (remission) them. I felt all alone in this until I heard the statistics...about 1 in every 100 people have epilepsy. It helps a little bit...but it's still very painful for us to go through. I hope that your daughter will be fine.

: : My 3 1/2 year old daughter, Kristin had a first seizure last weekend. We ended up in the hosptail and they rushed her to another larger hospital cause her breathing was bad and her CO 2 levels were dangerously high. they put her on a ventilator almost as soon as we got there.
: : Now I am just learning a lot about seizures so i have lots of questions. They did a CAT scan and will do the EEG tomorrow. They couldn't do it last weekend cause they had her pumped full of so many drugs it wouldn't have shown normal.
: : I know that kids can get seizures from fever but she wasn't sick and had no fever at all. Matter of fact she was sleeping. Something woke her up though and she was talking a bit when she first woke up. But she seemed spacey. Then she droned out. She didn't twitch or anything only in her chest I felt what felt like a hiccup or her swallowing air. I thought she would vomit but didn't. Her eyes were up towards the ceiling and she was totally limp when we rushed to the hospital.
: : I am wondering about if overheating her body from the heat of the house might cause it. It was pretty hot and just today she was sweating and she said she didn't feel good and she scared me thinking it might happen again. I cooled her off ASAP.
: : I guess I am just interested in any reasons for seizures when none can be found. It is too scary to me that this could happen again and she isn't on any medication at all. If it happend again then they would medicate. But they said there was a 2 in 3 chance it would never happena again.
: : Any advice?

: : Carrie

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