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Posted by Julie on September 11, 2000 at 23:35:02:

In Reply to: sleep disorder or seizures???? posted by Judy on September 11, 2000 at 20:50:31:

: My seven year old has "spells" upon awakening. One neuro tells me they are sleep-related (confusional state) and another tells me they are clinical seizures. I should also note that my daughter has a developmental abnomality of the brain called pachygyria. At this point I am totally confused. I'd greatly welcome any info, especially on clinical seizures. One more thing that confuses me is the fact that both EEG's were normal. They even did a seizure run. How is it that a person can be experiencing seizures, yet the EEg's are normal??

My 5 yr old daughter had two lots of EEG testings and each came back clear also.
My son used to have night time related events shortly after waking up after having had a bad dream, the doctors thought it was due to his vivid imagination and so diagnosed him as having night terrors, he was 9 at the time.
Because our daughter continued to have black out spells and her EEGs were normal, we eventually asked for her to have an ECG to check in case it was heart related and it was.
Then it was discovered that she suffers from the Long QT Syndrome, wich is a genetic heart disorder that is quite easily mistaken to be epilepsy or some kind of seizure disorder because of the similarity in symptoms.
It was then discovered that our son who had the night time events and another son who passed out at school also have this condition.All three have a pacemaker now along with medication and have done very well since beginning care and treatment for this.
So if your daughter has normal EEG results, it might be worth checking her heart by way of having an ECG just in case it is heart related.
I don't mean to worry you further with this, but its well worth checking into.

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