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Posted by Julie on September 14, 2000 at 18:33:49:

In Reply to: Hi on Sep. 4th i had a seizer and I'm 16 posted by Will Portzer on September 14, 2000 at 12:00:23:

: Hi i would like to know what caused my seizer it happened to me on September 4, 2000 and i went to the hospital but the drs didnt find anything wrong with me they didnt find anything wrong with my blood or brain and i dont have epilepsy either so im would really like to know what happened cause. My 18 year old g/f cried when she found out and i dont want her to cry like that again and it also scared me cause im gonna be driving soon and my parents wont let me until they know whats wrong but plz get back to me ok thanx and bye

I'm sorry to hear about this having happened to you, I know it can be very frightening , and also is very worrying to not know why and not find out anything wrong or reason to have caused it.
Did you have an ECG to check your heart?
It might be heart related, if it is you might need to take medication, my daughter used to pass out and they misdiagnosed it in her as some kind of a seizure disorderor epilespy,but all her tests neurologically were clear and no reason could be found, so in the end we had her heart tested and found that its her heart causing her to pass out, she has a genetic heart problem with the electrical activity where the heart beats out of control and she faints, some times the faints can look like a seizure.The condition she has is called the Long QT Syndrome.
It used to be thought of as a rare conditon but now the awareness is finally getting out there, more are being found to have this.
I think it is important enough to ask to be tested for this by a good cardiologist/electrophysiologist in case it may be this or some other type of heart problem .
Let us know how you do, best of luck to you.

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