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Posted by Teri on September 18, 2000 at 20:20:04:

In Reply to: Re: Respiratory Arrest posted by Julie on September 18, 2000 at 19:57:29:

: : : My daughter's first siezure (tonic clonic) ended in respiratory arrest. Fortunately, I'm an EMT and was prepared to resuscitate. However, I was shocked that never in all the years I've been certified in CPR; not one piece of literature, nor one medical professional breathed a word that seizure could result in respiratory arrest. My inquires into this matter have been dismissed and my child's situation explained as anecdotal. I did find one book published in England that made referance to SUDDEP, Sudden Unexplained Death Due to Epilepsy. But the author made no mention of respriatory arrest. So, the question I am posing to this board is what information is out there regarding this situation, or is this some sort of sick joke that everyone is privy to except me. Thank you in advance for any information and you all have my deepest respect for your heroic efforts to understand and live with this condition. Teri

: : You might want to try looking on, they are a very helpful medical site.
: : Hopefully you'll find an answer there.
: : Good Luck to you and your daughter.

: Hi,
: Did your daughter have her heart tested as well?
: My daughter was thought to be epileptic although her EEG tests were clear, she was later found to have a heart problem that was causing her to have seizure like episodes, she now has a pacemaker and betablockers to help control the condition.
: With my daughters heart condition, it can easily be mis diagnosed as epilepsy, the symptoms are very similar, sudden death can occur however with the first episode of unconsciousness.( or any episode for that matter)With correct diagnosis and treatment she has been very well.
: Not a lot is known of this condtion yet although it is being made more aware of and more are being diagnosed with this as time goes by.
: I just wonder if it may be similar with your daughter with her only having the first seizure episode and you needing to revive her, if you had her heart checked with an ECG as well as her EEG for epliepsy.
: I am not wanting to worry you further with this or alarm anyone, just informaing others of this possibility if they have normal EEG results, that they should follow up with heart tests and ECG to be sure its not heart related.
: I have heard of the sudden and unexplaine death in epilepsy and often wondered if in those cases it may be heart related also.
: The condition that was diagnosed in our family is called the Long QT Syndrome, if anybody would like to check it further, we have a website at.

Thank you for your response. My child didn't go into cardiac arrest. You are correct though, cardiac arrest will cause respiratory arrest within ten seconds. I monitered her pulse for the whole episode. By the time the tonic part of the seizure was over she was a very blue; it was only a matter of a minute or less before she went into cardiac arrest. (The heart will continue to pump for several minutes after respiratory arrest; the blood becomes totally depleated of oxygen then the heart stops.) My daughter has had other seizures but has not gone into respiratory arrest. Of course the whole family is now certified in CPR. Thank you again. Teri

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