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Posted by Sarah on September 30, 2000 at 03:46:04:

In Reply to: Sarah :) posted by Rango on September 30, 2000 at 02:32:59:

: Halo!
: well, as of today the 29th this is where we are.
: Brit went to school today, after being really tired when she left for school, which is normal.While my husband and I were out running erronds, my sister called to tell me Brit had been asleep in class and the teacher wasnt sure if it was just her sleeping or if she had a seizure.The teacher asked my sister to come get her from school.When my brother and sister got there to pick Brit up, it took them about 2 minutes to actually wake her up, she just wouldnt wake up.Finally they carried her to the hall and she woke up disoriented, confused and was asking where people were.The teacher had said she slept most of the morning and with all the noise going on in the class Brit didnt move.
: I called the nuerologist to explain this, they said call her primary care physician, the pcp then said call the nuerologist!Both offices said they would contact me about the seizure.It is now 11:30 pm pst and I called their offices at 12:00 noon.I am so upset and furious at both places!This is the first seizure Brit has had like this and not one bit of help came from either doctor! I should of just take her to the ER and requested an MRI or CT Scan neither have been done.Have you ever been through this much with doctors? Now we are left to worry all weekend,I cant even sleep I am such a nervous wreck!

Hi Rango

You have every right to be pissed off! I would be furious too! I have been very lucky with my child's doctor - he suggested MRI and CT scans and even a 4 day hospital stint where my child was monitored constantly during the whole time there. He has always been able to fit my child in at short notice and that is what every parent should expect from these doctors - we are after all dealing with children here!I don't know what to say - I would be looking else where - but I know that is easier said than done. If it happened again over the weekend I would take her into hospital and have her checked. I really feel for you - your little girl is so lucky having a parent like yourself! Thinking of you. Sarah

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