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Posted by Teri on September 30, 2000 at 17:02:27:

In Reply to: Teri :) posted by Rango on September 30, 2000 at 12:39:14:

: Thanx for your reply :)
: My husband asked about Brit possibly having hypoglaucemia(sp?) so I would also like her tested for that too. Some of her symptoms he had exactly as a child, couldnt hurt to have her tested.In my heart I feel there is more going on with Brit, I just can pinpoint it nor do a I have a degree to say whats wrong, but this mothers intuition is strong, and that is what I am going by.
: Monday I will call a sleep center and ask about a 24 hour EEG since one has never been done.

My daughter had an (is there such a thing as a routine) EEG. Not the 24 hour kind. Her first EEG showed a focal abnormality on the right side. I believe this was what impaired her hearing and speech. An EEG taken last year showed the abnormality has spread across the right into the left side. The doctor said this was characteristic of epilipsy. There's a book that was really helped me put and keep all this in some sort of perspective. The name is "Seizure and Epilipsy in Childhood: A Guide of Parents", written by; John M. Freeman, M.D.; Eileen P.G. Vining, M.D.; and Diana J. Pillas. The literature says that people with normal EEG's can have seizure disorder, and people with abnormal EEG's may never have a seizure. Go figure. Anyway, we were pretty sure it was her diet that was responsible for the seizures, at the time, we just didn't know how it was connected. We have a really great doctor who was willing to work with us and give us invaulable information. I know it is the hardest thing I've ever done; to watch my baby have a seizure. We were all very motivated to discover what was causing this. What I'm working on now is trying to keep her from becoming diabetic. The odds are very high that hypo- can go to hyperglycemia. Because of her autism (I think) keeping her on the right foods isn't always easy. It's a daily struggle. Always talking to her about why this has to be. But my other children are involved so it really is a family affair. Some else too, there are so many things that can cause seizures in children. A keto diet consultant told me that her son has seizures due to allergies. That's his threshold. So don't rule out the slightest thing. You never know. Hang on to your instincts. Mine haven't let me down yet. Regards, Teri

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