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Posted by Jim on October 18, 2000 at 00:07:08:

In Reply to: Re: Effects of long term use of Dilantin posted by ian on September 05, 2000 at 21:30:18:

: :
: : : : I would like to hear from anyone who has taken Dilantin long term, and who has suffered from severe or even bizarre side effects. I was on Dilantin for thirty plus years for seizure control. In addition to common side effcts, I have suffered damage to my body, (gums, bones, muscle, tissue ect). I was finally taken off Dilantin a few years ago in favor of phenobarbital, but the damage has not yet reversed. Anybody out there in a similar situation?
: : : My mother has been on dilantin for 2 years and
: : : I am trying to find out the side effects. She is
: : : not walking very good and her balance is off and
: : : some times she is confused when she says things.
: : : Her doctor says it isnt the dilantin but I think
: : : it is. If you know any thing that you think might
: : : help me please e mail me. thanks debbie

: : Debbie, I have been taking dilantin for 15 yrs., and while I have a few side effects,the main thing for me to overcome has been the fatigue. It`s more manageable than it was 15 yrs ago, but it still occurs.
: : Also- I read a nurse`s drug manual,and it lists "confusion" as one of the side effects of dilantin. Sincerely, Carol


: hey debbie.
: ive been taking dilantin for a couple of months now (2 months) and i have a couple of the side effects listed above. balance is bad now, short temperment/just dont give a damn about peoples feelings, coordination, slur my words together, spoonerism (mixing your letters around ex. plexy plass instead of plexy glass and ext.)my boss thought i was some what drunk one time even, it was so bad! i am going to tell my Doc to get me something else or i wont take ANYTHING!

: hope everyone get to normal :)

Hello everybody,
I was not born with epilepsy. My condition is a
result of Malaria. Personally I find each medication is individualised. I have been on
dilantin since my brain surgery 4 years ago.
My reactions are quick anger,memory loss and
difficulty in reading comprehension. Physically
I never felt groggy in fact I have insomnia. My
gums appear to bleed but in the use of dilantin
our saliva is effected. My gums are just appearing to swell even though I floss 3 times a
day. Please have your blood checked often. I just
lost a job because I seizured aboard ship.
I am presently looking for another medication
due to the drawbacks I am getting. I wish doctors
would stop comparing our conditions on a statistical basis. We are all individuals and
react in the same manner. The Mayo Clinic has
an excellent Neurology department. If you contact
their website I think you will get better answers.
God bless

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