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Posted by Penelope Biskey on October 19, 2000 at 11:47:31:

In Reply to: Re: Pseudoseizures and seizure type. posted by Pat on October 03, 1999 at 13:27:09:

: :I too have what my Neuro dx as Pseudoseizures and I have a smell of ammonia and a strange taste in my mouth before I have one. I have also expedrienced nausea and my right hand will be jerking for minutes at a time and I am semi aware of it happening. I had 4 seizures yesterday evening and will admit that I was very stressed. My Neuro told me that I need to work more closely with my Therapist and he said that he lets his patients with this disorder drive. I would be interested in hearing about others with PS. Can all test results be normal or near normal and a person still be diagnosed with epilepsy?
: : The reason that I am asking is that I had normal or high normal results on most of the neuropsych testing.
: : I did was some mildly below average in the finger tap test with my left hand and also I scored borderline /low average for some of the memory tests.Also the EEG was normal as was the CATscan.
: : Because of all the relatively normal test results, the possibility that these are pseudoseizures was brought up.
: : So far they have started me out on depakote to see if it has any affect on my symptoms.
: : I have noticed that there is a change, in that the episodes are much less severe and frequent.
: :
: : My next question is, would these be pseudoseizures if I am responding to the depakote, and if they don't seem to be associated with stressful or emotional events?
: : Mainly my episodes occur in the evening and I have also noticed that they have somewhat of a catamenial pattern.
: :

In reading the previous messages about seizures and pseudoseizure types, I thought my experience might be helpful to somebody out there.A few years ago I started having episodes of collapsing, which did not involve loss of consciousness but rather the disconnected and unreal feelings some of the previous writers have discribed. I had a whole bunch of odd neurological symptoms, and in my case also the doctors were quick to suspect psychological origins. It was also clear to me that they didn't really understand what they were seeing, even when it happened in their presence. I do not believe my doctors were stupid or malicious, but simply that they do not know much about the working of the human brain. What happens to me apparently looks somewhat like a seizure, but I believe the doctors are right when they say it isn't really. However, the most recent development for me is that the doctors have decided that it is actually a severe form of highly atypical migraine. I do NOT have a headache with this usually, but apparently the blood supply to my brain becomes constricted by some spasm of the arteries to the brain, and my sympathetic nervous system is affected and malfunctions.Another term for this is dysautonomia. I am taking Calan SR, which is normally used for chronic migraine or for high blood pressure, and it has made a huge difference. I can get around without collapsing and I have had very few episodes of a minor nature since I started taking it. My point is that there are loads of things out there that may cause a person to malfunction, and to label it stress or a need for attention is counterproductive unless that is clearly the problem. The same doctor who eagerly labels a patient as having a psych disorder would never accept such a flimsy standard of proof for any other medical diagnosis. If you are discouraged by testing that always seems to turns out negative, remember that any piece of information tells you something and is a clue to what is wrong. It may be that what afflicts you is a "rare" disease that most doctors don't really know much about, but diseases are actually rare because they don't get diagnosed much, not because they don't occur.
: : My symtoms are, feelings of light-headedness or of a disconnected feeling along with nausea and my left arm jerking(it can sometime involve more on the left side). I have had times when I thought that I had blanked out. Most of the time however I will remain aware of what is happening.
: :
: : Which leads to my second question, what kind of seizure is that-that is, would it be a complex partial because I feel disconnected from everything or would it be a simple partial because I can remember it?
: :
: : Thanks
: :
: : Shelly

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