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Posted by Don Mann on November 17, 2000 at 11:27:58:

In Reply to: Coincidence or discrimination?? I disclose the epilepsy last Thursday, get fired this Tuesday :o posted by Dianna on November 01, 2000 at 13:03:46:

:Just wanted to tell you that almost the same type of incident occured to me at the place of employment. In fact it was even a health facility for addiction where I worked for 21 years. First I had to take a demotion from supervisor of 3 counties because they thought I couldnt handle the pressure because of the seizures. Then 2 years later, they sent a letter in the mail telling me I was no longer needed. I filed a complaint with the main state office in Harrisburg,Pa. and my supervisor and boss of the whole program were ordered to come to Harrisburg to bo confronted by my attorney and the main office. Both stated they had no interested in obeying this and they told the main office that I missed to much time and I wouldnt keep their 10 hr 3 days a week along with 2 other days 8hrs which included evening hrs. that my meds just couldnt handle. I was just let go, fired, not even face to face. I was eventually placed on disability and Im still no working. After 21 years, I was emotionally and physically demoraalized. This past year I had brain surgry at Jefferson Hospital in Philadelphia which was really tough, but Im coming back with meds and help from 3 physicians/neurologists who all felt this was discrimination, not coincidence. Therefore, I say to you, fight for all the rights you have at your disposal. Dont leet this illness along with the nerds that left you go win or beat you. They are obvviously misinformed about this illness and should have adjusted your schedule to keep a valued employee rather than treat you like they can simply erase the board of your name and fake claims of dis-service. Hang in there . My prayers are with you. Write if you care to Don tbetter, also had a lot of weird stares. I asked my boss if we could meet so I could explain my situation and to see how they could accomodate me by possibly changing my work schedule, which he said was fine.

: Tuesday (yesterday): My boss wants to meet with me and informs me that because of some mistakes I've made (I've been here 1 month), and I've been late from lunch a couple of times (of course he doesn't mention the being late in the mornings because that would point back to my disability) that he thinks it's best for the company AND my health (yawn!) if we sever ties (ie., you're fired) THEN, he offers to let me stay here to work on a project that needs to be done and while I'm doing this, I will be hourly (with insurance) and have complete freedom to go on interviews during working hours and look for a job. He also made the statement that this was all decided last Wednesday (how convenient, the day BEFORE I announced my disability), yet when I bring up the reason why I'm late in the mornings, he says "Oh, that's not an issue at all, believe me. Before all of this came about, I was going to tell you that you could come in at 8:30" Um... if he decided all this last Wednesday and I didn't disclose my epilepsy adn my resonable request until yesterday, how was that possible?

: Anway, I am REALLY hoping that there's someone out there who can give me some advice on what I should do now and if I even have a case

: Thanks a bunch,

: Dianna

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