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Posted by Rand on December 07, 2000 at 22:57:32:

I have heard and read about how diet is able to help epilepsy and seizures. Is it possible that diet could cause seizures and epilepsy? I bought a omega juicer because I started college and thought maybe if I had more nutrients in my system it would help my studying and learning. I had some classes before juicing and I enjoyed college and was receiving A's. When I started juicing I was juicing all different kinds of fruits and vegtables. I would have 3 to 5 glasses every morning. Now I'm not going to get into a lot of details but I am going to tell some. I noticed I had mor trouble studying and concentrating. I started to have panic attacks. I would break out with poison ivy like symptoms around my mouth and on my hands. My grades sarted to drop also. I was more nervous and there felt like a band around my head. I just kept thinking fruits and vegtables are good for you so I contiued to juice. After about 8 months I was feeling so nervous and the band feeling around my head and the poison ivy symtoms were scaring me that then I thought I would stop juicing and see how I feel. Two days later I came home from a late class and was getting ready for bed and my whole body shook like convulsions. A minute later it did it again. I was scared! I thought should I go to the hospital or what? My body shook again! I thought I would go to bed and try not to think about it. I must of had 30 convulsion episodes before I fell asleep. When I woke in the morning I was feeling nervous and that band feeling around my head was scaring me! About 5-6 months later I woke and my body felt very stiff and sore. About 2 weeks later it did it again! A couple of weeks later I was going to the store and I parked and just got out of my truck and the next thing I know I come to in a ambulance. I went to the doctor and it turns out I was having seizures. I became epileptic at the age of 42. My nuerologist says juicing can not cause epilepsy. My poison ivy symptoms stopped when I stopped juicing! That band feeling around my head took many moths to stop. If diet can help epilepsy can diet cause epilepsy? Do I have hope of stopping dilantin and all the side effects I have? Did I do permanent dammage to my brain? I have lost everything because of epilepsy. Is it possible to find some help? I also dammaged my back with one of those seizures falling down. I have written a couple of dozen letters and mailed them to organizations and programs that deal with epilepsy and they all say they care and I have not reiceved one letter back! Is there a organazation or program out there I can ask some questions who really cares and reicive some answers???????? I'm not a doctor but I know how my body feels and when I started juicing something happened to it. You might think why didn't I stop juicing sooner. I have to say the feelings started so gradual it took a long time and fruits and veg. are excellent for you right?

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