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Posted by janet on December 09, 2000 at 16:18:23:

I'm sitting here not sure how to say this.
Let me first thank the sponsors for bringing this
message board to the attention of all of us.
i'v looked for it for 2 years. I'm a 38 year old mother of 2 teenagers an a wife of the most caring
I know why i have seizures, an got used to them as a
child but never had to deal with them an thats where
I fell into trouble. I played my life out around them.
I thought i was doing well until i found myself avoiding situations, backing up in my house (my safe spot), studdering an eventually loosing my voice.
the epilespy became a disability! I thought being used
to seizures an dealin with them was the same thing.
As a child no one knew what they were an told me I was having "growing pains" said everyone has them, was given aspirin an went to take a nap.
til one day a foster mother reconized them, took me to the dr. an before i knew it i was taking one pill after another an growing sick of it! I left on my way, only to be placed with a family. Their theory on it was not enough vitaims so i was filled up daily with 10-15 more pills. At 19 i struck out on my own only to find myself land in one hospital after another, doped up an collasp from pills an lost all muscle movement.
Learning to walk again was'nt my biggest problem! it was the medication an a new life that i was'nt ready for. the looks, whispering, even my own father not wanting me outta the house for fear his reputation would be tarnished. I later married had children an sought counciling. I am a better person for it but still have trouble with ppl, places an things. You are not in this alone people an now i realize I'm not either. thank you all for coming outta the "closet" and meeting people with the same disability. janet

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