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Posted by Alice Hart on December 15, 2000 at 15:44:39:

In Reply to: Coincidence or discrimination?? I disclose the epilepsy last Thursday, get fired this Tuesday :o posted by Dianna on November 01, 2000 at 13:03:46:

: Hello! I posted my first message to this board last week talking about my situation at a new job and asking for advice on how to disclose my medical condition. Here's a time-line on how it happened:

: Thursday morning: I called in to work because I woke up and started immediately having the myoclonic jerks that preceded the last grand mal seizure. I left a voice mail saying that I was having some issues regarding my epilepsy and that I wouldn't be coming in that day, I also stated that I would be calling my neurologist for advice and to see if I need to come in. I slept most of the day off and on but...

: Friday morning: same thing, had the same foggy "feels like a hangover" condition from the morning before and from the last time I had a seizure. I called in, and was surprised when my boss sounded very understanding and even made the comment "Hope you start feeling better soon."

: Monday morning: I came back to work, had some people inquire if I was feeling better, also had a lot of weird stares. I asked my boss if we could meet so I could explain my situation and to see how they could accomodate me by possibly changing my work schedule, which he said was fine.

: Tuesday (yesterday): My boss wants to meet with me and informs me that because of some mistakes I've made (I've been here 1 month), and I've been late from lunch a couple of times (of course he doesn't mention the being late in the mornings because that would point back to my disability) that he thinks it's best for the company AND my health (yawn!) if we sever ties (ie., you're fired) THEN, he offers to let me stay here to work on a project that needs to be done and while I'm doing this, I will be hourly (with insurance) and have complete freedom to go on interviews during working hours and look for a job. He also made the statement that this was all decided last Wednesday (how convenient, the day BEFORE I announced my disability), yet when I bring up the reason why I'm late in the mornings, he says "Oh, that's not an issue at all, believe me. Before all of this came about, I was going to tell you that you could come in at 8:30" Um... if he decided all this last Wednesday and I didn't disclose my epilepsy adn my resonable request until yesterday, how was that possible?

: Anway, I am REALLY hoping that there's someone out there who can give me some advice on what I should do now and if I even have a case

: Thanks a bunch,

: Dianna

I lost a job in California because of this.....I was told I did not have a case because I was maneuvered into quitting. I could not handle the rumors that got started about my "drug use", citing my tremors, dizziness/unsteady gait, occasional slurred speech, and my faulty memory as being SURE indications of alcohol and "speed" intoxication. The work atmosphere became totally intolerable.

I am home today because I had a grand mal last night at the employee Christmas party at my new job (I have been here 2 months), and I am terrified that the same thing is going to happen at -this- job. Like you, I heard things from my manager today like "We are just concerned about your health. You just rest today. We hope you are feeling better soon". I am so scared that the next thing I hear is that they don't think my medication will allow me to deal with the schedule they need me to work, or the pressure of the job. I too have gotten the "Are you feeling better", the pitying looks, the nervous attitude after disclosing my condition, the weird stares.

I have an "at will" clause in my employee contract, which means that they can let me go and give no reason. I will not have a case if they do fire me in a week, a month, no matter what the reason. And like you, I know that some reasons for letting an employee go are just a little too convenient to ring true.

Dianna.......I feel that you DO have a case. PLEASE talk to your lawyer, and then fight this......if not for yourself, then for the rest of us. I am tired of having to take drug test after drug test to prove that I am not intoxicated at work. I am tired of dealing with the covert stares, the "Alice can't handle it because she is sick", the feeling that I have a modern form of leprosy. I am tired of fighting both my epilepsy AND people like your boss.

Hang tough..........there are LOTS of people out here to support you!

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