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Posted by jenn on December 19, 2000 at 13:46:29:

In Reply to: Re: janet please read posted by Dawn on December 14, 2000 at 17:34:25:

please give me your email addy or ICQ,or MSN name and we can talk.


: Jenn: Let me first say thank you for replying to my message. It certainly lets me know there are others out there with concerns an someone to talk to. There really is'nt anyone else! I used to subscribe to a newspaper. If I talk to someone Its only outta respect that they listen to me because they really don't know anything about how it feels and effects that go alone with epilespy. When my mother had this feeling I was'nt gonna do too good, we went up and applied, that was in 1980. At that time, epilespy was considered "an affliction" and not a disability so they sent me away not filling out an application. Later in 1990, I was forced to apply again, and was approved! Sullivan vs NYS,
: : Because of this, they had 400,000 cases to go through because ppl were denied. You should call them up and have them send you an application which you fill out along with any back papers or papers from a councilor or dr. that may help. I fully understand the migrains. I was having 5-7 seizures a day. before they found the right medication for me which was tregretol. They had me on Dilantin for 10 years before they sent me to a dr. that told then I should never of been put on Dilantin for psycomotor seizures. Since the age of 19 I'v been researching Epilesy and the effects it has on the human body. At the moment i do not have icq, but do have msn messenger, if you don't have it you can download it. Add me to your list ([email protected]) feel free to send me a letter. I was told people with epilespy often closed themselves in there home. after almost 10 years I can make it to a store (uncrowded) for 10-12 min. with my hus. at my side. I also take zoloft for depression because I once felt it was'nt worth living. Trazodone to sleep along with many others.
: : : i read your post about "the tears left behind" and i know what you are talking about. I just started haveing seizures about 1 1/2 mnths ago and my life is torn about by this all. If the seizures aren't enough what about the migraines i get now because of this,not to mention the depression i'm beginning to get. my family tell me "How good i look" on certain days but they never ask "How do really fell about all this"? Well, I really feel i have been though enough. I have had three seizures in just a month and a half. My meds were changed from dilaintin to tegretol because i got a rash from the dilantin and the tegretol i can't sleep at night. So which is worse? Yhea,i can handle not being able to sleep but then that takes care of ever working.,not to mention the fact that i'm afraid to work now. I have two young children at home. I was thinking about apply for SSI, but i hear that it's really hard to get for epilespy? And i don't want to get all stressed out about SSI because then the tears will start again. Some days i fell really good, but other days i just want to lay in bed and people don't understand that. Some days out of no where i will just start to cry, i tell people it happens for no reason but the real reason is because i think of this all the time and it really gets me upset. THey do all these tests which are all normal so why am i having them?? If you ICQ i would love to talk to you. let me know and i will e-mail you with my ICQ number.

: : : thanks,
: : : jenn
: I think that we have a lot in common Jenn,I was so surprised to see that our epilepsy is similiar.Finally someone who understands!!!!I would really apreciate a reply.
: Thanks..........Dawn

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