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Posted by Lois on October 04, 1999 at 22:13:11:

Evening All,
Just found this board, and thought that maybe someone else here might be having the same experiences as me. About 3 years ago I was diagnosed with Seizure Disorder; it took awhile to get it figured out because it was difficult to sdescribe, and when aneeg was done, nothing showed up. My muerologist decided to do a 24 hour, ambulatory eeg, and when we got the test results back it showed that I was having seizures on a continuous basis. I don't fall down, or black out (not completely anyway), but the seizures cause all kinds of crazy things to happen. My legs will sudenly give out on me; I'll throw whatever is in my hand (including my computer mouse); my speech gets suddenly halted when my tongue spasms (best way i can describe it); the floor will suddenly feel as if it's falling out from under me; I get dizzy spells that cause near blackouts; I forget things constantly (short-term); and all kinds of other wierd stuff. And, this goes on all the time. The doc put me on Tegretol, then upped the dose, then upped it again, and I'm still having problems. In 2 months I see him again, when he plans to up it again, and add some new med he's real excited about. We don't know what's causing the seizures, but I also have disabling arthritis (spine, etc.), and multiple allergies, and skin problems. Can anyone give me any feedback on this? Anyone else dealing with this daily nightmare?

Trying to keep a sense of humor, cause that's what keeps me going. Lois

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