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Posted by Michelle on October 11, 1999 at 23:54:04:

In Reply to: Re: unexplained seizures posted by Kathy on August 28, 1999 at 12:23:19:

My son had his 1st seizure at age 3 and hi sMD said dont worry, its a migraine!!! I knew better..many eeg's and MRI's later.. and the best Neuro at UCSF.. they don't know FRUSTRATING for him and us. I do not believe its all stress because he has them when he i sjust relaxing...we are trying Network Chiropractic care as an alternative..
: : i have seizures weekly and was diagnosed with
: epilepsy but after six weeks on depakote
: : and dilantin i had a two hour seizure and they
: changed my diagnoses to ? I have had two
: : irregular eeg's but still no answer. my doctor
: is now saying they are emotional and that i
: : need to forget about them and they will go
: away. i have never been a depressed person
: : and i enjoy life the only stress i have are my
: seizures. i was adopted and i wonder if it is
: : a genetic thing. does anyone out there have any
: ideas for a next step for me?????

: First thing is to ignore the uneducated quack
: dr.s like the one you saw, It was past their
: little knowledge about TLE.Second thing is the
: Toxic meds as they are, can make you much worse as
: you are now, if your still taking them.
: When this happens to people The MD pill
: pushers arent responsble anymore and say they
: can't help you. SO don't listen to this quack of
: many.
: The depression is all connected to the temprol
: lobe and your szs. Check into allergies to foods
: and chemicals possibly this is where I started
: finding out the answers to my szs and stopped all
: my meds I was rasied on..Most MD's dont
: search for answers if its not a tumor or brain
: damage of some sort that they can visually see..
: They just push meds but never suggest checking
: into a clean diet/environemnt/allergies or keto
: diet and why I feel is because there's No BIG
: $$$$$$$$$$ and thats proabaly why MANY are MD's,
: not to truly help but to constantly write out
: prescpriptions with all there side effects on
: everyone.
: You need to see a top epitologist which there are
: 2 I saw who are Excellent and honest and will
: help you
: and see beyond the $$$ sign. and they wont toss
: you like a 2cent rag doll.saying "next patient"
: like the many quacks that do.
: BTW I have had Epilepsy longer than neuros have
: practiced it.
: Good Luck
: Kathy

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