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Posted by Graham on November 05, 1999 at 17:44:53:

In Reply to: Epilepsy posted by Diane Zito on November 04, 1999 at 23:17:37:

: I am a Epileptic and have been experiencing an increase in seizures lately. The last one landed me in the hospital with a concussion. I have three young children and I am very concerned with having them see this.If anyone knows what I am going through, please get in touch with me. I would appreciate talking to someone who can understand what I feel and see right before a seizure. Thank you.


I am also an epileptic who has ended up in hospital after becoming ataxic from medication and fallen down stairs needing to have my head stapled up to repair the wound.
On another occasion I have also fallen down, split my head open and woken up in a pool of blood. Prior to that whilst the diagnosis of epilepsy was not accepted my me I fitted whilst driving, rolled my new car and snapped a lamp pole. My children who were 10 and 13 at the time of the full onset of epilepsy were terrified of me.
I think therefore that I understand the emotions that you are going through.

I have tried all sorts of medication and some of them in very large doses and the side effects have knocked me around badly. The side effects are just as bad as the seizures.

I have noticed that on many occasions I experience an aura before the full seizure. The aura is recognised by neurologists that a full seizure is imminent; it only lasts a second (or less) but some times that is just sufficient time to sit or lie down immediately which means that when you black out completely you do not fall and hurt yourself. However, there is not always time to sit down and sometimes my seizures come on without an aura.

Finally, I have also noticed that the format of the seizures changes. Previously, there was a tendency for me to fall down; more recently when I black out I wake up some 2 kms away having crossed arterial roads and railways whilst unconscious but still on my feet. From research that I have done I have learned that is not uncommon for the format of the seizures to change. There may be a possibity that your seizures will change and that you will not fall in such a fashion that you injure yourself or terrify your children.

Just hang in there and tough it out!!!! I know how you feel.Let me know how you are going.

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