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Posted by Jean on December 25, 1999 at 11:09:11:

In Reply to: vns implant posted by Christine on December 22, 1999 at 23:19:06:

: Christine-

Good for you for trying something different to control your seizures. I'm sure your doctor woulld not recommend the procedure unless he/she felt there was some benefit to you. I have not had VNS surgery, but have had general anesthetic in the last year. They generally give you a warm up shot to help relax you, it makes you sort of floaty, sleepy and oh well, here we go. You are awake long enough to transfer from the gurney to the table, then boom, out go the lights. You may have a tube down your throat to help you breathe, it may make your throat sore feeling after surgery, but it is very short lived. Waking up is usually easy for most folks. My most recent surgery showed no troubles waking up, previously I had trouble with nausea when waking up, but apparently that side effect has been counteracted with new medications.

Please let me know how your device works for you. I have a eleven year old son with intractabel partial seizures and an autism spectrum disorder. I am very interested in vns, but our neurologist remains cautious. He is a little young, yet.

Good luck, you'll do just fine. I've heard good reports from folks who have had this done.
: Hi,
: I'm 19 and getting the vns Feb 18. I'm nervous about the actual procedure though, I think mainly because I have never had any sort of surgery for anything and now I"m allowing some doctor to cut into me and put this gadget in me that's going to change my voice and don't even know if it will reduce my seizures or not. so, if anyone can respond to this post and tell me what it is like when you are put under the general anestetic. like, do they cover you with a mask or just inject you via a needle? And how do you feel after the procedure. How long does it take to feel like yourself again and able to go back to work? How noticeable is the voice change? These and ten thousand other questions about the operation and how I"ll feel afterwards have been running through my mind. Please let me know your experiences by posting a reply to this message. Thank you.

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