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Posted by Dewey on December 25, 1999 at 21:36:40:

I have something wrong with my autonomic nervous system according to my doctors. It is causing some dangerous problems with my heart. But no one has figured out exactly what the problem is with my ANS. I have "seizures" that are undiagnosed. I have never had one in the doctor's presence. The seizure begin with a strange feeling...deja vu, lightheadedness, dizziness, reeling, headache, visual disturbances, sweating, nausea, depersonalization like symptoms, weakness, sometimes even spontaneous orgasm and euphoria, and a feelings like I am being shocked...a roaring surge inside my head. After five to fifteen minutes of this I am so weak I cannot stand or walk without falling....I can however crawl. My speech becomes slurred and my senses seem to be I am half-conscious. I begin to tremble in a hand or thumb....this gets worse and progresses to violent shaking....more spastic. I will be still for a few minutes then jerk and shake, then be still again...this cycles for five to twenty minutes. I get chills, my heart slows down, I have abdominal pains, I get flushed and my ears ring, my breathing becomes the wind gets knocked out of me. I choke and gag like my tongue is too big, or like I am choking on my tongue. I feel groggy and confused. I never lose consiousness. After this I have to urinate. I can usually make it to the restroom....crawling nonetheless. And I am incredibly tired and achy all over. I am insatiably thirsty. I will then sleep for several hours and feel terrible for a day or so. I'm wondering if I could be having autonomic seizure as opposed to the seizures being caused by decreased blood flow to the brain because of my heart condition.Any thoughts?

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