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Posted by kam on December 28, 1999 at 17:37:27:

In Reply to: doctor want to induce seizure posted by lou on October 04, 1999 at 21:54:42:

: I am 25 years old and have been having seizures for 20 of those. I have been on Phenabarbitil, diliantin,
: depakote, gabitril, neurontin. Currently Neurontin (500mg) and dialantin(700mg) ( on off of for 20 years) and my new
: neurologist wants to put me in the hospitil for 3 days and stop all meds so that he can videotape my seizure
: and tell exactly where it is coming from. So he can effectively treat me with the med that treats
: that particular kind of seizure. I'm going to agree but am scared and wondered if anyone else has
: had this done?

I had the procedure you are describing done not so long ago, I would guess about 6 months ago. I only went in to the hospital for the morning after being off my drugs for an evening and I was asked to get minimal sleep. First they put electrodes on my head, a bunch of them. It didn't hurt, they glued them on. Then I was asked to close my eyes and breath as deep as I could for about 3?? minutes. After this, with eyes closed they flashed lights. The nurse watched the computer screen the whole time. I did seizure, and when I woke I was frightened and somewhat sad, I was also a bit sick to my stomach. The thing that was good was that I was in the hospital around people who knew how to deal with me and could bring me through the seizure with as much ease as one can do when coming out of a seizure. It gave the doctors information about how I seizure which I hope will help them in the future. I have only had seizures for about a year from brain surgery so it may be a bit different for you. Perhaps I've written after your decision was made. I can only tell you what I went through, good luck and I hope peace instead of fear follows you.

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