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Posted by Joanne on January 06, 2000 at 13:26:35:

In Reply to: Re: the effects of drinking too much water on epileptics??? posted by Kathy on December 06, 1999 at 18:29:55:

: : Hi there:
: : My name is Maria, and I have had epilepsy for 32 years. I drink my eight glasses of water per day (64 oz.) and more. Water is beneficial for anyone and everyone. I take 600-700 mg. of Dilantin per day. Drinking plenty of water helps my body handle the medication and it helps alleviate negative drug side effects. If you ever hear a doctor tell you not to drink plenty of water, run out the door and find a new doctor!!
: : Regards :-)

: :
: : : : i have fibromyalgia and epilepsy and have to drink a lot of water and have never noticed any bad effects: :
: : : : : : : I have had epilepsy for about 15 years and have been
: : : : : : : very fortunate to live a normal life on the medication
: : : : : : : I've been on.
: : : : : : : Over the last year I have been finally finding out by
: : : : : : : my present doctor and others on the effects of some
: : : : : : : food, medication and such that I shouldn't be taking. After
: : : : : : : all these years....someone is finally telling me these
: : : : : : : things. Recently, a friend of mine read somewhere that
: : : : : : : epileptics shouldn't drink as much water as the person
: : : : : : : without epilepsy. Has anyone heard of such a thing?
: : : : : : : I've tried to find out more on the internet but haven't
: : : : : : : been able to find anything relating to this.
: : : : : : : What are the down falls? Here they have been telling
: : : : : : : me that I need to drink plenty of water to maintain a
: : : : : : : healthy body....what's what anymore?

: : : : : : : Laurie Stone
: : : : : : : Rochester, New York

: : : : : : Hi,

: : : : : : I became aware recently of the same theory on drinking too much water. A book on Epilepsy I browsed through the other day also warns of epileptics drinking too much or too little water. Based on personal experience I think there's something to it. The last time I had a seizure I had a cold and spent much of the day "flushing" my system out with water. I had a seizure that night and wondered at that time about all the water I drank that day. I haven't had a seizure since. I would be careful. I'd like to know what other info you have learned which should be avoided by epileptics. Thanks.

: : : : : : Richard

: : : : Hi, I've yet to hear of such a theory but it does make sense. I take Dilantin and have been seizure free for 3 years until the other day. I've been trying to think of things that I have been doing differently which may have had an adverse effect on my body. I have been drinking a considerable amount of water lately, thinking it was good to flush out my system. My Dilantin level is usually around 21 (10-20 is normal), by the time I had my blood taken at the hospital it was down to 9. I guess I better slow down on the water.....

: Maria,
: I agree wiht you and my Dr. is always letting me knwo how much water I need some days I get dehyrated and need mroe than my normal. Hell our bodies our 80% water. and for ppl to not think twice on taking their man made chemicals(meds) daily but cut back on Natral and much needed water, Unbelievable!!!!!!
: To the guy who's dilantin levels drop Maybe your should pay atention to your body as its trying to flush the garbage out of your system as its crying for water. You can NEVER drink too much Clean Water !!

My daughter has been on Diamox, a diuretic, for the past 12 years. It seems a strange "add-on" therapy for seizures but it works for her. Her doctor tried taking her off of it 3 separate times and her seizures increased every time she stopped taking it. He's amazed that a simple water pill can have such dramatic effects on her seizures but we've learned now that she has to stay on them. So, for those people who seem to think that an over abundance of water may effect seizures are probably right.

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