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Posted by zoe on January 11, 2000 at 10:42:41:

In Reply to: Re: Pseudoseizures and seizure type. posted by Pat on October 03, 1999 at 13:27:09:

: :I too have what my Neuro dx as Pseudoseizures and I have a smell of ammonia and a strange taste in my mouth before I have one. I have also expedrienced nausea and my right hand will be jerking for minutes at a time and I am semi aware of it happening. I had 4 seizures yesterday evening and will admit that I was very stressed. My Neuro told me that I need to work more closely with my Therapist and he said that he lets his patients with this disorder drive. I would be interested in hearing about others with PS. Can all test results be normal or near normal and a person still be diagnosed with epilepsy?
: : The reason that I am asking is that I had normal or high normal results on most of the neuropsych testing.
: : I did was some mildly below average in the finger tap test with my left hand and also I scored borderline /low average for some of the memory tests.Also the EEG was normal as was the CATscan.
: : Because of all the relatively normal test results, the possibility that these are pseudoseizures was brought up.
: : So far they have started me out on depakote to see if it has any affect on my symptoms.
: : I have noticed that there is a change, in that the episodes are much less severe and frequent.
: :
: : My next question is, would these be pseudoseizures if I am responding to the depakote, and if they don't seem to be associated with stressful or emotional events?
: : Mainly my episodes occur in the evening and I have also noticed that they have somewhat of a catamenial pattern.
: :
: : My symtoms are, feelings of light-headedness or of a disconnected feeling along with nausea and my left arm jerking(it can sometime involve more on the left side). I have had times when I thought that I had blanked out. Most of the time however I will remain aware of what is happening.
: :
: : Which leads to my second question, what kind of seizure is that-that is, would it be a complex partial because I feel disconnected from everything or would it be a simple partial because I can remember it?
: :
: : Thanks
: :
: : Shelly
I too have that disconected feeling & nausea along with anxiety i have a weakness in my legs and an internal tremor that is driving me crazy.
For the past 2 years i have been to so many different doctors and they all say "oh, it's stress". Well i know my body and i know what stress can do , but this was not stress. I felt horrible. I went to my 3rd neurologist and he did an EEG in the office & it was normal. I told him that i feel worse when i am moving so, he prescribed a 24 hour EEG and that showed that i had epilepsy . To say the least i was shocked!
He has put me on Depakote and i've only been on it for 2 weeks. does anyone know how long it takes to work? I am also a little moody from it.

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