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Posted by theresa on March 02, 2000 at 16:50:22:

In Reply to: Re: Information Sought on Topiramate (Topamax) posted by Janet on February 17, 2000 at 02:24:22:

: : Hi - I have a 19-year-old-daughter who started with petit-mal, then focal seizures, and now since December 1999, has had 3 severe episodes of grand mal. The second time, she landed up in ICU for 2 days after suffering endless seizures for almost 3 hours. She has been Bulimic for some time too. It got worse when her doctor put her onto Topamax in August 1998 - it's side effect is weight loss. This definitly assisted her weight loss quite effectively but I believe the bingeing and purging played a big part too. Because Topamax did not work effectively on the Epilepsy, she has had to change to Lamictin. It's a never ending story with no real solution in sight - I think anyway. Good luck. Theresa
: : I have had Complex Partial Epilepsy for a number of years and tried a number of drugs including Tegretol (2000mgs at the moment), Epilium (Depakote) in 5000 mg doses, Dilantin, Neurontin and Lamictal (Lamotogrine).

: : Broadly, none of these drugs helped me with the exception of the cocktail of Tegretol and Epilium and I could not continue that because of the side effects of the Epilium.

: : My specialist has now given me the drug Topiramate in conjunction with the Tegretol.

: : I understand Topiramate is a new drug and in my case it is a drug of last resort before an operation.

: : I would like information from any one who has taken Topiramate as I want to learn about whether it has been successful for them and what side effects they have experienced.
: : My daughter, Jennifer, who is 19 yrs. old, started on
: Topamax about 2 months ago. She has a history of both petit
: mal & grand mal seizures and was previously taking
: Depakote, but she had gained a lot of weight due to that
: drug. Since she has been on Topamax and has (slowly) gone
: off Depakote, she has lost 10 lbs. already, although she is
: experiencing the strong side effects of Topamax. She is away
: at her first year of college and cannot concentrate, very
: forgetful and is constantly drowsy. Because she can't focus
: on anything for long, she hasn't been able to retain what she
: studies for, which has caused her to become very depressed,
: to the point of experiencing suicidal thoughts. She is hoping
: that the side effects will wear off soon, because she can't
: stand the thought of going back on Depakote and gaining
: weight.

: She was also previously bulimic, but with Topamax, she says
: that she has no feeling of binging or purging, that it has
: completely helped her obsessive/compulsive disorders. On
: the other hand, her loss of memory and total lack of focus
: has left her very depressed. She has been on it now for 2 months,
: although only at 400 mg. for 2 weeks.

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