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Re: Torso Tiger or Torso Track

Re: Torso Tiger or Torso Track

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Posted by Jim Day on July 16, 2000 at 17:21:49:

In Reply to: Torso Tiger or Torso Track posted by Karthik on April 09, 2000 at 13:19:19:

: Which works better the torso tiger, the torso track or the ab wheel. Please give me some advice. Thanks

I have been doing a variety of crunches for the last 10 years plus leg lifts in my routine. I like to do them at least 3X per week along with cardio exercises. I'll do them between heavy weight lifting, which I do about 3X per week.

I'm not into abdominal definition per se, but it is clear to me that definition comes with cardio and some dietary restraint. I'm afraid I'm only moderately into dietary restraint.

Nevertheless, I'll do about 400 crunch reps during 'gut' days. My primary intention is to strengthen my abdominals to prevent injury during heavy lifts. It definitely has worked these last 10 years.

My physical therapist has suggested I try a device similar to the 'torso tiger' although it's a bit different. It doesn't have those cables the 'torso tiger' has. I haven't found where to order it from yet. Let me now if this reminds you of something you might have seen.

He told me that, in my case, it would be a bit better than just crunches because it will get me to stretch out more, something I tend to neglect. I used to use an abdominal wheel, and I know that works well for the stretch and exercize of the abdominals. However, it definitely is difficult and you need to commit to using it regularly.

The 6 pack definition though will require a reduction in body fat which will only come with a balance diet and cardio. Any abdominal routine will help strengthen the gut area and help avoid back strains. I also tried using the 36 cm work out balls, but primarily to get the stretch along with the abdominal exercize. If you use them correctly they work well also. Form on these is important to keep to get the results. I do have some sheets showing the proper way to use them.

All the variety of different gut exercizes are useful to employ to avoid getting too bored doing the same thing over and over. The crunches don't cost anything, the ab wheel is about $18 and the exercize balls (air filled) run upwards of $35. All of these can be obtained at a local sporting goods store or any store that carries a decent line of exercize equipment.

Try the cheaper stuff first, along with cardio and reasonable diet and see what happens. I now you'll at least benefit from a stronger torso and you'll have significantly fewer back strains if you're into lifting. I don't think there's any short cut to definition that you're probably interested in, except reasonable dieting and a significant emphasis on cardio exercize.

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