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Re: Depends on Your Goals/Probably Not

Re: Depends on Your Goals/Probably Not

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Posted by Dayle on September 07, 2000 at 20:38:30:

In Reply to: Re: Depends on Your Goals/Probably Not posted by John Nixon on August 23, 2000 at 01:24:50:

: : I'm 17, and I've been into weighttraining for quite a while. I've only recently heard that I need something like "one gram of protein per pound of body weight".
: : So if I'm 138 pounds, does that mean I have to eat 138 grams of protein per day ? If so.....HOW DA HECK DO I DO THAT?! The most protein I ever took in a day's time was only about 70 grams!
: : I would take Protein powders, but I'm currently taking Slim-Fast to lower my body fat. Plus, I heard that Protein supplements ,if taken too much, can cause kidney failures! I'm only 17 , and I don't wanna screw up my body !
: : So , if I want bigger results, do I really have to follow the Protein/Body weight rule ?
: : Cuz I've never eaten so much protein before, yet, I can bench press about 110 lbs heavier than my own weight (being short helps...heheheh..). If I had taken more protein, should I have gained even more strength?

: : Sorry if this seemed a little long, but I'm really worried that I'm not getting the stuff I need, and at the same time, really worried that Protein supplements damage my health.

: What are your training goals? Is it to gain strength, size, weight? I think you should be more concerned with your caloric intake because I suspect you want more bodyweight and strength. If you eat a good healthy diet of mostly carbohydrates, the protein intake should take care of itself. I would drop the slim fast (way too much sugar) and concentrate on a weight-gain powder that's low in fat. I know that may not make sense now to you but get one with low fat, high calories and mix with milk. That will boost your protein intake and calories. I wouldn't worry about damaging your kidneys if you keep it under around 200 grams a day (I'm not a doctor nor nutritionist; however, I have 28 years experience with weights). Most kidney damage in bodybuilders comes from extreme diets, extreme protein intake and steroid use over years...Good luck!

I have been certified by the Cooper Institute as a Nutrition Specialist and am currently studying to be a certified Nutritionist. Anyway, you were close on the recommended amount of protein needed per day, but it's actually .6 gms per lb of body weight, so close to HALF (.5). So the easiest way to figure it is to take in 1/2 of your body weight in protein, which for you would be about 67 grams! Does that sound better to you?

I'd be happy to answer any nutritional-type questions for anyone. I have also had some training in fitness.

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